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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

New Wall Art Easter Offering #105, Option C, John 3:16

New Wall Art Easter Offering #105, Option C, John 3:16


Gallery Delany: New Work, Easter Typographic Wall Art

Gallery Delany has offered a new work, unique-- a new typographic work on the meaning of Easter. As with Christmas, three color choices are available, purple with gold accents, gold with purple accents, and purple with deep red and gold accents (seen below).

Please note, we are offering this print in a new, large size, 27" square. We will not offer a matted option, you purchase either a print, or a print framed. See the pull down menu on this page to order. Shipping costs are added. There is a new photo (uses the purple and gold color theme #1) of the large print on our blog page, and above!

Bring some sparkling new life to your walls, home, apartment, condo or getaway;  great gift at holiday, or any time...

  • Note this is color scheme #3 of 3: (see deep red cross in middle made of typographic characters)
  • Mouse over to see wall art detail
  • Digitally output, on demand, archival paper stock (white) and pigments
  • 3 Options available: Option 1: Print ONLY, size, 17" x 17" square format, approximately
  • Option 2: Print matted 23" x 23" approximately
  • Option 3: Print matted, framed, 24" x 24" approximately
  • Typical print order ships via USPS, unframed, rolled in a tube
  • Matted and framed editions use clear acrylic  (not glass), simple, gray metal frame

John 3:16

"For God so loved the world

That He gave his only begotten Son

That whosoever believeth in Him

Should not perish but have

Everlasting life...."


  • Print signed and sealed by designer
  • Not too large, good for home, office, apartment or condo, excellent in classroom
  • A good size for home, office, apartment or condo, excellent tool in classroom
  • Great gift for any loved one, family or friend, or special event
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
Why Do People Buy Wall Art? 3 Quick Reasons
  • "Makes me feel good."
  • "I like it, will make my wall space look great."
  • "I need a special gift for so-and-so."
  • Bonus, "I like to support artists I like."/;^])