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The Letter E, Engraved Religious Wall Art #A153

The Letter E, Engraved Religious Wall Art #A153


Gallery Delany: Engraved Bible Wall Art

Now this is not religious, but more in the spiritual, even philosophical realm-- I found the verse somewhere and only with the help of Google can I come up with a name-- Georgia Byng, a children's story book writer who makes her home in the UK.  The verse calls attention to the letter E, something I have tried to capture in engraved, graphic terms. 

Bring some new life to your walls, home, apartment, condo or getaway;  great gift at holiday, or any time…A most unusual gift, an excellent way to spruce up your walls, home, apartment, condo, getaway:

  • Engraved using 100% Crane's pure-cotton paper stock, here, cold white
  • Very small print,  good for small spaces in your home, office, apartment or condo
  • 3 Options available: Option 1: Print size, 8.5" x 11" 
  • Option 2: SQUARE FORMAT, matted 12" by 12" approximately
  • Option 3: SQUARE FORMAT, matted, framed, 12" x 12" approximately
  • For framed editions, we use ACRYLIC, not glass in a simple, silver colored narrow frame
  • Inside the matte, the size of the opening varies based on the requirements of the verse
  • Typical small print order ships via USPS, unframed, flat

Attributed to Georgia Byng, now seen on the Internet as a riddle: 

"E The beginning of eternity

the end of time and space

the beginning of every end

The end of every place"


  • Print signed and sealed by designer
  • Nice size for a small space
  • Great gift for any loved one, family or friend, or special event
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
Why Do People Buy Wall Art? 3 Quick Reasons
  • "Makes me feel good."
  • "I like it, will make my wall space look great."
  • "I need a special gift for so-and-so."
  • Bonus, "I like to support artists I like."/;^])