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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Fine Art "Newport Country Club," Oil on Canvas

Fine Art "Newport Country Club," Oil on Canvas


Gallery Delany: Original Oil on Canvas

Drove by this wonderful site one summer day after my son had caddied here for a summer-- snapped a photo which served as the basis for this painting. Note, the golfer is using his phone, is on the phone as he approaches the 18th hole. We don't know if he's simply taking a call, or using his phone to vector his way to the pin-- haven't the vaguest idea. 

You are purchasing an original painting. Artist retains all rights to sell reproductions, prints, of the original, ad infinitum. Note: Price EXCLUDES shipping cost. 

Spruce up your walls, home, apartment, condo, or getaway with a Delany original oil painting. 


  • Painting signed by artist
  • Dimensions 48" x 36" oil on canvas
  • Great gift for any loved one, family or friend, or special event
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
Why Do People Buy Fine Art: Several Quick Reasons
  • "I love original paintings."
  • "Makes me feel good."
  • "I like it, will make my wall space look great."
  • "I need a special gift for so-and-so."
  • Bonus, "I like to support artists I like."/;^])