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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Daffodils in Spring Photo on Canvas Wall Art #440

Daffodils in Spring Photo on Canvas Wall Art #440


Gallery Delany: Massachusetts Collection

New #wallart images taken in spring 2015 #flowers, a splendid Daffodil comes into view! Add buying some new #springart to your spring cleaning chores!
    4 options on canvas: Spruce up your walls, home, office, apartment, condo, or getaway. Canvas...a sparkling option for new home wall decor.
    • Option 1: Canvas print 24" x 16"
    • Option 2: Canvas print 24" x 18"
    • Option 3: Canvas print 50" x 25" 
    • Option 4: Canvas print 45" x 30" 
     NOTEWORTHY:Typical canvas print order ships USPS
    • Note, 4 sizes, not too large, good for home, office, apartment or condo, excellent in classroom
    • Excellent choice for new home, model home, motel/hotel art and hospital/healing environments
    • Great art print gift for any loved one, family or friend, or special event
    • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
    Why Do People Buy Wall Art? 3 Quick Reasons
    • "Makes me feel good."
    • "I like it, will make my wall space look great."
    • "I need a special gift for so-and-so."
    • "I like to support artists I like," a bonus  /;^])