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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

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An easy understanding of what you purchase

Gallery Delany: Options, What I Purchase

Here is a simple presentation of exactly what you may purchase at this time: a) a print, wall art by itself, shipped USPS b) a print with a white matte as shown, shipped USPS and c) a print with a white matte and frame. We do NOT use glass, but a sheet of acrylic. 

We strive to treat each order with a certain TLC...from the quality of the image to the quality of the print....and through the production, packaging and mailing cycle. Here are a couple of photos that help convey the point.

Getting the quality and measurements right!

Photo images have a seal on each print....to validate the original authenticity...

Each print gets a seal to validate the authenticity...

Each sealed print says, "George Delany Original," embossed into the print.

New works are tested to be sure they are right!

Whereupon the print is packaged and shipped to you.

Our mantra, #hangthatart

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again, soon!

PS: Please honor our delivery system. You know these are high-quality images. Do the right thing. Do not download and print even one time without paying for it. Thank you.