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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Wall Art: Art Prints & Home Wall Decor...Behind Acrylic Glass

digital prints in acrylic
Acrylic glass! What happens when you laminate a digital image in it? Beauty is what happens. Type looks...vaguely 3-dimensional...Psalm 23 never looked so striking! 
acrylic art print
In this well known verse from the Old Testament, Psalm 23, type in gray tones is so dimensional...and the color comes off the surface and is seen through the acrylic glass laminate in an unusually striking manner. Striking. We are now offering graphic works in acrylic glass. Note, there is no frame offered. The image is simply stylized colored typography against the simple white background. Check Youtube!
acrylic back
Ingenious! Hardware to hang instantly comes included, affixed to the back of the work, ready to display. Very nicely done. Try your first acrylic glass art wall decor, here! Note, no frame...simple, less expensive. 

Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure – the perfect solution for anyone looking to have their best images produced in gallery-quality.

  • 6-color print for rich colors and high resolution
  • Glossy, crystal-clear acrylic glass creates optical depth
  • Aluminum backing panel for extreme stability

On acrylic glass, our 6-color direct print gives your photos a vibrant, brilliant and clear appearance. This effective way to display your colorful photos won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Prints of your photos produced in award-winning quality on the back of the crystal-clear acrylic glass is then stabilized with a light aluminum backing panel. A perfect, long-lasting seal means your photos will continue to wow you for decades.

Do you want nothing but the best for your photos under acrylic glass? Then we recommend the original photo print under acrylic glass. Your image is traditionally developed on premium photo paper, and mounted under glossy acrylic glass using an elastic silicone adhesive. A sturdy aluminum Dibond panel is then added for stability.

A premium, glossy acrylic glass enhances the brilliance of colorful images and gives them a real sense of depth. Stunning!


Another new format for Gallery Delany-- what happens when the original photoprint is simply displayed under acrylic glass? Here are the results:

Photo under acrylic glass

Here is the handsome edge of a photo displayed from under acrylic glass. Note the severe edge,refracts light handsomely, makes need for frame unecessary, just hang it!

just hang it, photo under acrylic glass

A simple hanger is mounted on the back of the laminated image, voila! Just hang it.

photo under acrylic glass gift

Here you have it. A stunning image under acrylic glass, brilliant, durable, a wonderful #artgift.