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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Unique Art Prints & Home Wall Decor...Expressed on Brushed Aluminum

home wall art on brushed aluminum

Direct print on brushed aluminum – pure elegance with an exclusive BUTLERFINISH® look!

Brushed aluminum on which a digital art photo is reproduced...outstanding. Tones are changed and transformed, many light tones give way to a metallic look in the brushed aluminum that comes through. Wonderful coloration in mid-tones, unlike a paper print of any sort I know of. As is demonstrated in this digital photo of Rehoboth, MA, this is just a beautiful object d'art. Thanks to the brushed surface, the aluminum backing gives your photos an extraordinary, metallic appearance. During production of the cover sheet, the surface is ground horizontally to produce a matte, brushed aluminum effect. Photo and graphic art on brushed aluminum, thumbs up!

Psalm 23 on brushed aluminum

Your digital design print will look like this when it arrives!

Psalm 23 digital art on aluminum gift

...and it will look like this when displayed!

Your digital art photo is printed directly onto brushed aluminum Dibond with a BUTLERFINISH® look. The result is eye-catching: The areas of the photograph that are white or very light are not printed, but instead take on the appearance of the brushed aluminum's surface. This new, exquisite presentation format is particularly suited to fans of modern architecture, graphic design, and technology, providing a new option for presenting their images effectively.

digital art on brushed aluminum home decor

Outstanding wall art...original Delany photo on brushed aluminum, wonderful material, stable, UV resistant, lightweight, fixture on back enables easy hanging...This product stands out for aesthetic reasons, but the material is also extremely robust and durable. Whether inside or in covered outside areas, your new digital photo #walldecor has the best protection against elements such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

brushed aluminum gift art

Once your wall art digital image has been printed on the BUTLERFINISH® surface, a wafer thin seal using a clear resin that retains the matte effect of the aluminum Dibond backing is created. Any areas of the image that are white or very light are not printed. A real beauty.

How easy do you want hanging to be? Here it is. Simply hang from a hook.