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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Home Decor...Experience an Art Print in an Acrylic Glass Block!

Acrylic Block

A visual treat. What is more beguiling than a beautiful photo mounted in an acrylic glass block? Inch-thick acrylic glass does not detract from the original photo’s quality. Quite the opposite, it really brings out the photo’s brilliance and depth. With this stylish acrylic block, you can make a quick snapshot unforgettable. A bold statement. Check this wonderful material out! 

acrylic block home decor

Ok, this photo taken in Rehoboth, MA, when seen in an acrylic block is substantial. It diffracts light in very handsome and striking ways.

Acrylic block art gift

Here is the photo as seen through an acrylic block. Enjoy.

Here it is, striking in every way. This particular sample utilizes a photo taken in Rehoboth, MA. It measures 6" x 4," perfect to sit in a window, on a desk or night table.

What an art gift! Our extraordinarily thick acrylic block gives your photos a very special presence. More of a decorative object than a frame, this acrylic block commands attention and stands stably by itself – in portrait or landscape format.
* inch thick acrylic, a very special presence
* sturdy and powerful
* terrific luminosity and impact
* stands anywhere without support or stand
* optimal protection from light and UV rays
* true photo print on Kodak paper