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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Happy Customers

Re: Gallery Delany Happy Customers

Here are a few quips and remembrances from the many customers and friends who can say, "We have a Gallery Delany hanging in our house!" This means...the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, study, even the laundry room! (Have seen a lot over the years!) These come from individuals who have experienced that "new art," moment. 

Hotel Hershey

Digital Photo Wall Art, Hotel Hershey, PA  "This digital photo of the Hotel Hershey hangs in our computer room, thank you!" 

"Hotel Hershey," "The only reason I ordered this print is because our family stayed here every summer for years and I wanted a remembrance, so nice, thank you!" 

Religious, Christmas theme, digital graphic design, "I wanted something completely original that expresses the sentiment of Christmas, this is just outstanding, thank you." 

Engraved religious original, "Letter E," from a friend, "Wow, (so-and-so) just gave me one of your engravings, the Ode to Letter E, perfect for me, am so happy to have, will hang in a special place!"

"Hotel Hershey," "Our family used to drive from the Jersey Shore to Hershey for a long weekend every summer, this is my favorite image, thanks so much!"

Barn & American flag, on Canvas, "We fought over this image, I won. Thank you!" 

"Morning Has Broken," verse 1, "George, what a refreshing version of this song I love! Will treasure!" 

Titusville, NJ, "Uh-oh, she will love this! (Horse farm owner in Titusville)

Lake Manitou, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, "Woah, this print...is going right in the kitchen above the counter, love it! 

Digital bible art, Psalm 23, "Oh, George, this hangs in my study wall and I love it! Unlike any other such works I have...so far! Thank you!"

Cape Code Beach Poster, "George! I have wanted one of these posters, forever, am so glad to have one, now, will treasure this!" 

Star Spangled Banner, ("Who We Are," Collection) "You'll be glad to know, your whole set of posters is here in the Green Zone, just what we need, many thanks." 

2 Surfers Near Naples, "A friend who surfs along this coast is getting married, I have a limited budget, she will love this print, thank you so much!"

 "Twin Towers," The World Trade Center, "I just want you to know, my office in International Place is now home to your great print, thanks so much, we cherish it." 

"New Jersey Beach Poster," "George, we love this Jersey Beach Poster, thank you!" (Jersey folks)

Central Congregational Church: "This is just what I had in mind, will help our living wall and help the church, terrific, thank you!"  

Swansea Bull: "Hey, they are our neighbors, too! Love those cattle when we go over to get an Ice Cream cone at the Ice Cream Barn, just great, love this face." 

"My Life #3," acrylic on board, "I am so glad to have this painting, thank you for painting it! (After an opening in Rhode Island)

Psalm 121, 1-2, digital graphic bible print on Aluminum, "Super! I've never seen anything like this, am so glad to have it...let me show it to you next time you come by!" 

Quahog Screenprint, "I have been looking around for one of this series forever! Am so glad to have found you! Thank you, thank you!" 

Statue of Liberty, "This print hangs in our guest room...we're glad to be able to have it proudly displayed in our home, thank you very much!" 

First Beach, Newport, RI, "George, you did this? (so-and-so) gave me a print as a gift, great man, keep painting!"