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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Art Prints: Gallery Delany Wall Art FAQS You May Find Useful

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC 

Here are a number of questions and answers you may find useful: 

Q: Why should I buy from Gallery Delany?

A: Because it moves you. It adds a little something to your life-- or someone else's. 

Q: How do you decide what topic you will address in your work?

A: I decide based on what moves me!

Q: What feedback do you hear, most often?

A: "Gee, this is neat! Thank you!"

Q: Who do you sell to?

A: We have a wide demographic, all kinds of people have purchased what you see here.

Q: Who created this work? 

A: George Delany has designed each poster and taken each picture.

Q: Who owns it? 

A: The artist/designer owns it. Please do not download or reproduce in print or on-line with his permission. 

Q: How is a typical piece of wall art shipped? 

A: In a tube, very safe, durable, USPS unless otherwise requested. 

Q: How are larger orders shipped, like a framed and matted print? 

A: In most cases, we use acrylic, not glass, we put the whole work flat in a padded box and ship USPS. 

Q: How long does it take to get an order filled? 

A: Generally, 4-10 days at most. 

Q: What if my print arrives damaged or I don't like it? Do you offer returns? 

A: Yes, if we get a call within 24 hrs. after the arrival of the package. We have not had to make a refund, yet!

Q: What is the difference between an offset poster and a digital, on-demand poster, art print, or example of wall art? 

A: An offset poster is produced in large quantities by offset printing technology, then put in inventory. A digital, on-demand print is printed using pH neutral pigment and paper when an order arrives, and shipped. 

Q: What if I want the artist to sign my print? 

A: All prints are sealed and signed by the artist.

Q: What does archival paper and pigment mean? 

A: It means the prints are high quality and will last-- they will not last if hung in bright, sun-drenched rooms. They are relatively stable, fine prints. 

Q: What kind of cameras do you use? 

A: Two, an Apple iPhone and a Nikon. 

Q: Do you pay shipping? 

A: We will pay for shipping for a single order of 1 print. Larger orders, customer pays. Overseas shipment, customer pays.

Q: What is next? 

A: More travel, a lot is planned. Many graphic design ideas in pipeline! It's a busy place around here. 

Q: What about just saving the image to the desktop and just printing it out...for free? 

A: We ask you pay for what you use, the Honor System, expressed here, "Please honor our delivery system. You know these are high-quality images. Do the right thing. Do not print even one time without paying for it. Thank you."

Our mantra, #hangthatart

Thanks for your interest, patronage and patience. See you again, soon!

-- Your Gallery Delany Team