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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

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"My Life"
Original painting sold, prints of "My Life 3" available, thanks for interest and enthusiasm
If I
2 pencils & mouse
My Life #2
florida key
lower case f
info babe
castle hill light
martha's vineyard
York Harbor, Maine
Princeton, New Jersey
Cape Neddick
Zakim Bridge
New York State
Jackman Maine
all right nye
wall street
jackman maine
Martha's Vineyard Campground
From our Martha's Vineyard Collection, photo taken at Campground, Oak Bluffs, MA
Swansea MA
Lovely friend in Swansea, Massachusetts who lives down the road opposite the Ice
Cream Barn, she and her pals keep us all company with our ice cream cones. We know where the milk comes from! 
first amendment
First Amendment wall decor, gift art this season, very popular in such times as ours
From our collection of prints made from acrylic paint on board, this, the Pell Bridge
bible art
John 13:34, cast behind acrylic glass, really striking!
A few examples to demonstrate how easily these framed wall art image can be hung in traditional and modern room environments. Work below comes...ready to display!
hang wall art
Cleverly mounted, durable hook support system, above
Massachusetts photographic wall art by George Delany
From our Massachusetts Collection
bible art acrylic glass
An example of scriptural art, the 23rd Psalm, displayed under acrylic glass...beautiful craftsmanship, brilliant appearance.
New York City photographic wall art by George Delany
From our New York Collection
acrylic block wall art gift
New, from our Massachusetts Collection, photo in an acrylic block.
Oversized biblical wall art from Gallery Delany
An over-sized print from our Biblical Collection
Original photo print under acrylic glass wall decor
Original photo print (Rehoboth, MA in fall) under acrylic glass
Martha's Vineyard Wall Decor by George Delany
One of many from our Martha's Vineyard Collection
home wall decor, digital photo prints on brushed aluminum
Digital photo print direct to brushed aluminum, stunning in every way
Martha's Vineyard Wall Art by George Delany
Another print-on-demand example of wall art from our Martha's Vineyard Collection
Hershey Pennsylvania wall decor by George Delany
From our Hershey, Pennsylvania Collection
Drawings in print wall art by George Delany
From our Graphic Drawings in Print Collection
Remember... #hangthatart