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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

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George Delany

Artist George Delany outside his home


george delany


Artist George Delany in his outdoor studio where he finishes up, "My Minnow," an oil painting on canvas at 60" x 40", shown recently in an art exhibit in Warren, Rhode Island.


Here, an original Gallery Delany art print is made ready to ship...via USPS!


Each digital art or photo print is produced with pH neutral pigment and paper and is signed and sealed by George Delany


George Delany on location

Artist on-location in Maine...with full complement of tools!


Newport Country Club

Artist George Delany at New England Institute of Technology's annual exhibit with his oil-on-canvas, "Golf at Newport Country Club"

Welcome to Gallery Delany, offering original, graphic, typographic and photographic print works by the artist. 

George Delany is a graphic designer who has spent his career in the visual arts. He has designed award-winning USA-posters including his famous, "Collector's Edition," featuring the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty back in 1986. His StandWeUnited® branded "Who We Are Collection," and the subsequent, "American Revival Series," were designed after the attacks of 9.11.01. They still carry meaning for many Americans, most especially, after the coordinated terrorist attacks including later attacks on 9.11 in Libya, Egypt and other places around the world. 

The "Who We Are™" collection is offset print posters. Digital art and photo prints ship USPS via tubes, shipping included (1 poster only). These digital and offset prints are economically priced. The "American Revival Series" is somewhat more expensive since each poster is digitally printed on demand using archival paper and pigments. We also ship in bulk, flat, USPS, or in small quantities, rolled in tubes, also USPS. We accept corporate purchase orders and checks. 

These unusual fine art prints and wall decor make excellent gifts for almost any occasion, but are particularly powerful when given on days of national celebration such as Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, President's Day, July 4th, Veterans' Day, and related holidays. The "Who We Are Collection™" was accorded a gold medal by Graphis Poster Annual, and was entered into the Library of Congress at the end of 2010.  

Mr. Delany was educated by artist Rex Gorleigh in Princeton, New Jersey, and later earned his degree in Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. He owned an award-winning design communications company for many years, serving non-profits, start-ups, emerging companies, manufacturing concerns, regional hospitals and banks. Mr. Delany has served twice as a judge in the National Information Infrastructure Awards, and twice as a judge in the inter-college design competitions. In 2015, Mr. Delany served as a judge in the Little Compton Art Fair in Rhode Island. He teaches design principles, typography, portfolio design and concept development at New England Institute of Technology. Mr. Delany's work has been shown or represented by:

Gallery Delany believes most Americans will do whatever they can to help improve the long-term fortunes of our country. It is time each of us strives once again to do what we can for our children and children's children. It is time to live generously...and large, despite the challenges most of us face.

Contact us with any question you may have. We will make every effort to respond to your order inquiry, promptly. We also strive to deliver your poster/s in a timely way. Allow five to ten days to receive your art print. We offer a full, money-back refund if not completely satisfied (notify us within 24 hours from receipt). 

Mr. Delany freelances in the worlds of photography and graphic design, to this day. Ask him about his half-day, full-day and project rates.

Thank you for your interest in this work, and don't forget to check out our Blog, F A V E S, and N E W wall art presentations! You can also see the artist on Youtube. You can see more photos at George Delany's photo site. Are your walls...happening?

--Gallery Delany

Let's rather concentrate on topics that lift us up, somehow-- like art, for example. And remember, #hangthatart!

You might ask, why do people buy #wallart, at all? Here are a few responses:

"When I buy art, I feel better, I feel good!"

"I grew up with that poster on my wall!" 

"I love the Statue of Liberty, thanks so much!"

"I bought this for my students, thank you!"

"I love Horseneck Beach, thanks very much!"

"My family used to visit this place, thanks for the memory..."

"I hung your engraving in the kitchen next to the stove…can't put anything in it without looking at this engraving!"

"My girlfriend is getting married, she loves to surf in Florida, thanks so much for this beautiful wedding gift!"

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"Can you sign it?" 

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"Your posters are in China!" 

"We hung this poster in the Green Zone, thanks."

"Love art from Scripture...thank you!"

"Sombebody told me once,'Art is just the name of a guy.' Boy, did she have it wrong!"

" I just like...art!" 

Remember... #hangthatart

Note: Creative work presented here is the sole property of artist George Delany and may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced in any form or format without the express permission of the artist.