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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Museum-quality poster designed by George Delany

God Bless America Unique Offset Wall Art #A114


Gallery Delany: "Who We Are™" Collection

"God Bless America Poster," Inspired after the attacks of 9.11.01, this USA offset #wallart poster is one of a series of seven created at the time, ("Who We Are™" Collection) now in the Library of Congress. Series also received a gold award (poster annual) from Graphis

  • Mouse-over image to see wall art detail
  • Quality, white, glossy poster stock, offset print
  • 3 formats (variants): a) poster only  b) white matte c) matted and framed (acrylic not glass)
  • Option 1: Offset poster is 24" x 18"  comfortably sizable for home, office, apartment or condo, excellent in classroom
  • Option 2: Offset poster with white matte, 30" x 24" unframed
  • Option 3: Offset poster with white matte and framed, approximately 31" x 25"
  • Typical small print order ships via USPS, unframed, rolled in a tube
  • Please allow 5-10 days to receive your order
  • Very nearly sold out, will reprint as a determined by inventory
  • Great way to spruce up that under-valued wall!
  • What better way to support our educators, first responders, fire, police and military at any time of year?


  • Print signed and sealed by designer
  • Not too large, good for home, office, apartment or condo, excellent in classroom
  • Great gift for any loved one, family or friend, or special event
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
Why Do People Buy Wall Art? 3 Quick Reasons
  • "Makes me feel good."
  • "I like it, will make my wall space look great."
  • "I need a special gift for so-and-so."
  • Bonus, "I like to support artists I like."/;^])