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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Watercolor Prints as Wall Art

RE: Watercolors as prints

A variety of water color prints as wall decor...depicting several themes, this one, Millers Beer, many more to come! Water color is a fabulous medium. The rap that watercolor is "unforgiving," is not justified. Control of the water is the secret. If you can do this, watercolor is, believe it or not, very forgiving.

What do you purchase, exactly? You buy a print of the original illustration printed on-demand using pH neutral pigments and paperstock-- archival quality. Prints are made at 11" x 8.5".  Options include a matte and a frame as described here. Beer #wallart. Above is a simple bottle of Miller beer painted on a wrinkled, torn piece of water color paper. More to come!

one millers beerOne Miller's Beer, water color print, original painted on crinkled paper, print is flat

Here is a print being matted and prepared to ship.

Note, each digital print is archival in quality, pH neutral pigment and paper and is signed and sealed by the artist.