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Delany Statue of Liberty Wall Art

RE: Statue of Liberty Collector's Edition

Many thousands sold since market introduction. This collection of four museum-quality posters I designed and produced for the national celebration of the Statue of Liberty, the centennial celebration in 1986.

By one reference, these offset-printed posters were the best selling item in the New York area, that weekend. The posters were included in the Reagan Collection, the Iacocca Collection, and the collection of the National Monument at Ellis Island, and in hundreds if not thousands of others. I was told by a professional educator at the time the set of four was smuggled into China, but I have no verification of this. We sold thousands in New York, that weekend. The collection was carried at South Street Seaport Museum Shops for some years, thereafter. It remains very memorable.

Statue of Liberty wall art means very amply sized posters, 3' x 2'. Add a matte and frame, and you have a very substantial product to hang on your wall. Be sure you have the space to do it. Note, these posters, what remain of them, have been sitting in my barn for over 25 years. They are sold as "imperfects." Not all, but many are not impeccable, but are still very nice and can still be matted and framed without too much concern. But for this reason, we are NOT accepting refunds on these four poster selections. The Museum Collection, Statue of Liberty posters is sold "as is, as seen."

At the time, I licensed the photo images from a couple of places in New York City, one of which was called FTP photos. I do not know who the original photographers were, but I still love the images they captured (having reviewed hundreds before the final selections were made). Thank you for making these images possible. 

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Statue of Liberty
One of four in the Liberty Collection, produced for the National Centennial Celebration in 1986

Statue of Liberty wall art

Magnificent offset prints of the Statue of Liberty, while they last...