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Re: Religious and spiritual wall art...engraved: 

Thousands of these original engravings sold over the years, and given as gifts...some are no longer available. Especially suitable as small-space home wall decor, kitchen walls, bathrooms, studies, libraries, hallways, where light is good and people can stand close to the work. These little engraved verses that require a particular examination to appreciate…. resonate well with people. In a world full of stuff of dubious value, these stand out, somehow. 

Here is a sampling of engravings created over a period of ten or more years, some years ago. I was moved by personal circumstance to delve into this topic. The framed image above is approximately 12" square. These are very hard to capture on screen because the type is small, in some cases, very small. Images here are greatly enhanced to see the verse and the quality of the engraving. In reality, the type is 8, 9, 10 point type, very small on a page.

These are not for everybody. I used verses from the Bible in most cases, verses I like. One favorite verse on love from Corinthians (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) has sold out. Regrettably, there is no way to reproduce these engraved products when they are exhausted. All sales final. I have added a photo here to show how the work looks in context-- on the wall.  

The underlying design idea is to re-express time-honored, divinely inspired verse in a contemporary fashion using, not high-tech, but engraving technology. 

These are real engravings that use 100% cotton paper and were produced by Artcraft, in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. The paper stock hues are subtle and varied. Some engravings are in white, some use warm white, one is in gray, one is buff-blue. This set won 3rd place some years ago in an international engraving competition headquartered in London, UK. 

Deep Peace is also sold-out. We cannot fill orders for this product. The Two Great Commandments are running low. The St. Francis prayer is also running low. I will make these available as long as supplies last. For anyone who desires, I will sign engravings for any buyer without additional charge. I pay shipping for the first engraving, standard USPS.

Why do people buy these engravings? In a crass world, most find a message of meaning in the unusual appearance of the time-honored verse. These engraved images make wonderful gifts on special occasions-- hope you find them inspiring. #hangthatart


George Delany 

religious art

Engraved, longtime favorites for small walls...here, the 2 Great Commandments

bible art

From Ecclesiastes, "To Everything," engraved verse on 100% cotton paper stock