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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Martha's Vineyard Digital Photo Prints as Wall Art

RE: Sparkling Martha's Vineyard Home Wall Decor
As a teen, I spent a summer chasing girls and house-painting-- not necessarily in this order, on the Vineyard. The world opened up to me, in a sense. Jim Kweskin and his jug band, including Jeff Muldaur and his love-interest Maria D'Amato, who made their concerts interesting to say the least, were a large part of the scene. "The Vineyard," will always hold a special nostalgia for me...just a fabulous place.
Here, a collection of photographic art prints created by yours-truly, designer George Delany based on photographs he has taken on Martha's Vineyard. This series of photo posters  is digitally printed on-demand using archival pigments and paper, pH neutral. More to come! Here is a short, wiggly-jiggly sample on Youtube
martha's vineyard campground
One special community, this campground at Oak Bluffs, on Martha's Vineyard, MA