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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

Famous Beach Posters Screen-Printed as Wall Decor

RE: What Fun This Has Been

Hundreds if not thousands sold over years. Some designs no longer available.

Beach Posters, yes, real sand adhered to paper stock: I drove all over, including a trip to the west coast, to get the original sand.

Here is a look at our popular beach posters. Each #walldecor poster includes the adhesion of actual beach sand from the particular state, (Cape Cod, for instance) and is screen-printed in 3 or 4 colors (serigraph). The designer, (yours truly) gathered the sand in each case, himself (yes, California included!).

In the print cycle, sand was added last and has been pressure tested. This is not to say you will not see some sand coming off the print over time-- to be expected. But they hold up very well. Don't forget #newjersey #wallart! And #chesapeakebay #wallart! Then, there is Long Island #walldecor!

These unique wall art expressions are produced at a size of 2' x 3'. If you add a 3" matte on each side, and a frame, you have a very formidable work of poster art to hang on your wall.

We offer 3 options:

  • Option 1: Offset poster ONLY, 36" x 24" 
  • Option 2: Offset poster WITH white matte, 42" x 30" UNFRAMED
  • Option 3: Offset poster WITH BOTH white matte, frame, approximately 44" x 32" 
    The artist will sign each poster at no additional cost-- using a silver pencil!
    The first poster in this style was created as part of the Rhode Island Bicentennial Celebration back in 1986. The first Rhode Island Beach Poster™ sold out two printings and has not been reprinted. The set won a citation from the New York Art Director's Club some years ago.
    As a general matter, first come, first served. when these are gone, they are gone. We will not be re-producing them, anytime soon.
    The posters have been sold to beach and art lovers all over the country. Makes a very unusual gift. The designer has been asked to create an "Arizona Beach Poster™-- but so far, this has not been undertaken. No doubt an Iowa Beach and Wyoming Beach are on the docket. Hope you like 'em. 


    Our mantra, #hangthatart

    Cape Cod Poster

    The Cape Cod Beach Poster™, part of a series of famous beach posters