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Bible Art Christmas gift

John 3:16, digital art and design on demand

John 13:34

New addition, beautiful Psalm 121 as a) print b) matted c) framed d) canvas & stretcher e) acrylic glass-back f) brushed aluminum 

Re: Bible Wall Art: Ok, why bible art

Welcome to Gallery Delany Print Ministries. I hope you find a verse here that offers you inspiration...the Gospel Story is rich in hope, forgiveness, mercy, faith and love. Don't forget our engraved series of poetic, religious expression, perfect wall-decor for small spaces. 

Some reasons that reflect on why people respond to these examples of "religious" wall art include: 

> "I love that verse!"
> "I'm sick of commercial stuff..."
> "I like to be reminded of what is really important."
> "I'm Christian....these quotes help remind me of what is important in life...perfect."
> "Images of divine messages lift me up."
> "What I was taught as a child matters."
> "It's so Old Testament, I love Old Testament!"
> It's so New Testament, I love New Testament!"
> "As an antidote to the vulgar and crass…a great solution!"
> "The more uncool the expression, the more meaningful I find it…"
> The Bible keeps me focused."
> "Why haven't I heard this before?"
> "I didn't know this was out there…thank you."
> "I want my walls covered with ideas that inspire me each day..."
> "My mother loved this verse…"
> "The Bible instructs me as to how to lead a good life..."

There are countless more, of course. See a sample, rough, on Youtube! Here, find a growing collection of artfully expressed biblical verses (taken from the King James version) corresponding with the seasons and Christian calendar. Above, "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God," John 1:1. Standard size, framed, is 18" x 24." We can produce larger images-- contact us for more information. Excellent art gift on anytime-occasion, idea for new, contemporary, graphic home wall decor. 

Gallery Delany is pleased to announce the availability of our unique biblical typographic home wall decor in acrylic glass! This expression from Psalm 23 is stunning. You won't see this anywhere else-- and if you should, let us know! 

bible wall art christmas gift

"In the beginning was the word..."

#bibleart designed for Easter by George Delany

 John 1:1, available as a print, matted print, matted and framed; also on canvas, behind acrylic and on a great new material, brushed aluminum