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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

03 Jul '19

Honor America Day, A Sacred Holiday

July 4 Poster

July 4, Honor America Day, 2019, A Sacred Holiday....Star Spangled Banner poster, this award-winning (whole collection in Library of Congress) offset lithography poster printed on fine quality paper incorporates the flag that flew in front of my house on 9.11.01. A uniquely powerful July 4 educational or inspirational gift. Check this out, contact me for more information. 

31 Jan '18

USA Wall Decor...God Bless America...Off on Right Foot in 2018

usa poster

Wonderful collection of USA poster art, designed after attacks of 9.11.01, this one captures the meaning of the famous American hymn, "God Bless America," 24" x 18", bright glossy stock, stunning in appearance, not many left, will reprint when supplies are exhausted. Entire series is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. Excellent gift for almost any occasion. 

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06 Sep '17

Thanks for Your Order! Preamble to US Constitution


Thanks for your order! Wall decor, the Preamble to the US Constitution, has been shipped out...our first Louisiana customer! So glad to have you on board. Digitally print on demand, this pH neutral print is of archival quality, using neutral paper stock and pigments. 

As we suffer through a tough political and now hurricane season, we must keep the faith! You may find our American Revival series worth your time, given all that is unfolding in our country, these days. 

06 Jun '17

Preamble to Constitution, as....Wall Decor in 2017


Things aren't right, these days, are they. Well, let's start sorting things out. If you think you can shout me down over the Constitution, you have a very tough argument ahead. I will be posting many of our founding ideas expressed as wall decor in the weeks leading up to July 4, beginning with this Preamble work, designed in a contemporary manner to help foster the essential liberty so many of us cherish-- and are still willing to fight for. 

06 Mar '17

First Amendment to US Constitution as Wall Decor

First Amendment

In challenging times, perhaps it is helpful to be reminded of what our country is essentially about, what our Forefathers thought most sacred, and what still serves to guide us through one thicket after another.