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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

23 Aug '17

We're Back! Time for some late summer wall art?


Will be posting some new #wallart, some new #photoart and some new #graphicart now that we are back from a trip to beautiful Southern Ontario-- Manitoulin Island, in particular...look for new posts in the next several weeks. Meantime, consider some new summer photo art, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, even the Grand Canyon! And, oh, Manitoulin Island, Canada!

And then, there are issues of the day!

Thanks for visiting. 

06 Mar '17

First Amendment to US Constitution as Wall Decor

First Amendment

In challenging times, perhaps it is helpful to be reminded of what our country is essentially about, what our Forefathers thought most sacred, and what still serves to guide us through one thicket after another. 

09 Feb '17

First Amendment to US Constitution as Wall Art

first amendment
One of our most popular images, an image that appears to be increasingly popular as citizens wake up to the role of Government in our lives here in the still-early 21st century, the First Amendment to the US Constitution, a magnificent expression if there ever was one. In a way, one can see this as the sum total of 2000 years of western civilization-- 
08 Dec '16

Thanks for "Likes"...Preamble to US Constitution

Preamble to Constitution
Thanks for all those who've shown interest in this piece. Truly-- a time to revisit this topic, the Constitution, is it not? In this collection, our American Revival Collection, started many years ago in the aftermath of 9.11 and later the financial crises, you will see this and other works worthy of our attention, these days. The Declaration of Independence, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment. One style is in the spirit of traditional typography, the second style is more contemporary use of type-- I have had a good time doing both, so if you should find one that you like, this is of course, a good thing. 
03 Nov '16

Wall Decor of the Constitution, Our First Amendment

First Amendment

So happy to post! Here, the First Amendment to the US Constitution, more to be posted in days leading up to our Federal Election, and then, Veteran's Day. Stay tuned! Purchase this image, below.