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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

04 Oct '16

George Delany Dot Com Up & Running

George Delany

Ever wonder what undergirds Gallery Delany? Happy to announce, George Delany is up and running, this is the site that provides an overview of what is going on, aaaForay, Inc., graphic design, corporate marketing and branded communications, and this on-line gallery, Gallery Delany. Whether you represent a start-up, a small or emerging business, a non-profit, know that our strength is in providing high-end graphic communications we develop to build market presence and share-- to generate business, simply put. We have a distinguished record of achievement on behalf of our clients. Contact me, anytime. Meantime, we're glad to see this new look/feel come alive and look forward to speaking with you about your corporate branding and communications needs.