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Digital Wall Art--Graphic, Typographic and Photographic

16 Oct '17

Exciting Time at Newport Shipyard, New Wall Decor Coming in Fall Season...

Newport Shipyard

Lunch at Newport Shipyard, what a thrill. This is a fascinating place, more to come as I sort out photos and post some new wall photo products. Here is our Rhode Island collection, modest, but more to come. Meantime, back to lunch in summer temperatures, on this fall day in Newport, Rhode Island. 

03 Oct '17

Maine Trip, New Wall Decor....Coming Along!

Mohegan Island

Glorious trip to Maine just completed, Jackman, Port Clyde, Mohegan Island, Islesboro, we will be posting new wall art products in days just ahead, thanks for your visit, interest and support. Here is a look at "Downtown Mohegan Island," on a splendid early-fall day. 

Like the interest in our Sacred Documents works, too, especially in the Preamble, and related Constitutional documents. Orders shipped out! 

18 Sep '17

US Constitution Celebration Week! Preamble Art Prints Now Available

us constitution
Archival quality art prints highlighting the Preamble to the US Constitution available, make great gift items, Constitution Week in the USA! Order yours now, a) print only b) print plus matte c) print, matte and frame...makes great gift item. Thanks for visiting, thanks for recent orders, love to see folks rediscovering the American Constitution. First Amendment art print can be seen here. Second Amendment wall decor, here. See short videos, here. 
15 Sep '17

Yet Another...Sale of the Preamble!

Preamble to US Constitution

Not bad! Another new client, this one in Rhode Island, will receive one of our American Revival digital graphic prints, P R E A M B L E to the U S  Constitution, this one sold again from our Amazon site -- pH neutral pigment, paper but please, don't hang in bright light, or sunlight! Thank you, everyone who visits our site and participates in this project. 

14 Sep '17

What a Time of Year Along RI Coast

bristol ri photo

Beautiful image of Bristol, Rhode Island waterfront, and what a view this is. Wall art of Bristol, RI, summer theme, available now as summer winds down...great time to swim, boat, walk the beaches of this beautiful State. Check out our wider Rhode Island digital wall decor collection, pH neutral prints and pigments, archival quality. Great gifts on almost any occasion. 

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